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Stereoactive Media offers production services priced for independent producers and projects. These services are reserved for those with limited budgets and/or those who may have a great idea for a podcast, but who don't (yet) have experience making one. We're here to help! 

Remote Recording Studio - Stereoactive Productions

podcast pilot program
Remote Recording Starter Packs for new and independent producers

Just need to record something simple and receive a finished audio file? Check out these options, then get in touch!



$125 - Stereoactive Productions

Up to 1 hour of audio recording and up to 3 simple edits.***

$200 - Stereoactive Productions

Up to 2 hour of audio recording and up to 7 simple edits.***

$275 - Stereoactive Productions

Up to 3 hour of audio recording and up to 12 simple edits.***

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Podcast Editing & Mixing - Stereoactive Productions

Bespoke Podcast
Editing & Mixing
options for anyone seeking more involved post-production help

Consider the following, then reach out for a consultation and quote...

The amount of editing a project needs depends on several factors – and by amount, we mean both quantity and thoroughness. So please read through these, then let's chat about the options that might work for your budget.

Jeremiah Lee McVay - Producer

The producer

Who exactly would I work with and what is their experience?


Jeremiah Lee McVay is a seasoned producer and editor, experienced in crafting award-winning podcasts. A member of The Podcasting Academy, he has worked in the still relatively new medium for more than a decade and has experience both in front of and behind the mic, as well as in all phases of production – from booking, scheduling, research and writing to recording, editing, sound design and mixing.

Currently, Jeremiah runs Stereoactive Media, where he creates independent podcasts. He has also produced podcasts for Better Homes & Gardens, Southern Living Magazine, Travel + Leisure Magazine, and Verywell Mind, among others. All in all, he has been directly involved in the production of hundreds of podcast episodes and has overseen or been directly involved in the production of thousands of videos.

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work sample links

Lost Cultures: Living Legacies - Travel + Leisure

Narrative Non-Fiction
Writer, Producer, Editor

Biscuits & Jam - Southern Living

Chat - Music & Food
Writer, Producer

The Better Buy - Better Homes & Gardens

Chat - Home Reno
Producer, Editor

Chat - Mental Health
Producer, Editor

Kind of a Lot with Matt Ruby - Stereoactive Media

Comedy/Audio Essay
Producer, Editor

Stereoactive Movie Club - Stereoactive Media

Panel - Classic Film
Producer, Editor, Host

Get In Touch - Stereoactive Productions

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“Great sound quality is essential for podcasting – it creates a professional, immersive experience that keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more.”
– Mike Russell.